Welcome to Why Van Gogh Matters

Hello and welcome to Why Van Gogh Matters.  Here I hope to talk about Van Gogh's works, legend and life -- or, at least, what we know about his life rather than his legend.  I'm not an art critic or art historian -- just a freelance writer that loves art.

So, why did I start this blog?  Two reasons:

1) I got sick and tired of hearing about how much Van Gogh's art sucks
2) Peter Gabriel -- the guy I usually blog about -- decided to take a 12 month sabbatical.

Anyway, enjoy the blog.  All of the images are Public Domain images from Wikimedia Commons, unless otherwise noted.  I try never to use copyrighted images in this blog. If I do accidentally use your image and you want me to remove it, just tell me to and I will.

Photo may be or may not be of Vincent Van Gogh, thought to be taken in 1886 by Victor Morin.

One more thing -- I've also written an eBook, Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which only briefly mentions The Starry Night in a couple of pages.

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  1. What a lovely blog and a fascinating read. Van Gogh is one of the people who tweak the golden thread of humanity. Thankyou for helping him do that by keeping his name alive.